Since 90s, Huayu Brother have focus on refrigeration and sublimation equipment, with passion and care details, we design and produce series high quality refrigeration equipment, include Compressor racks, ice maker machines, IQF(Individual Quick Freezing) Equipment, Freeze dryer/lyophilizers, Cold storage Rooms(cooling or freezing), industrial water chillers, display cabinet etc.
In the past 20 years developing, Huayu Brother have built modern factories that running under ISO or other international standard, and we always be pioneer in the industry to develop new technologies, invest high advanced processing machines, upgrade our craftsmanship etc. to ensure our products quality and designing at forefront of international. All our products have pass CE standard.
Current, Huayu Brother have cooperate clients/agents from over 40 countries and area, provide high quality products with best services.  
We warm welcome your cooperation and visit.

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