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Cold Room Choose
Cold Storage room design and choosing.
一、Cold room design mainly considers indoor and outdoor factors.
  1. Cold room standard environment temperature +35℃, moisture 80%.
  2. Cold room temperature: fresh keeping(cooling room): +5~-5℃; Freezing room: -5~-20℃; low temperature room: -25℃
  3. Standard products inlet temperature: L-grade: +30℃; D-grade and J-grade: +15℃
  4. Cold room useful volume ≈69% of declared volume, for product storage need multiply by 0.8 (correction factor)
  5. Everyday products inlet volume should be between 8% to 10% of its useful volume.
二、Cold room walls.
  1. Cold room wall mostly use color steel plate, insulation with PURF or HDPE, assembly type panel wall could rapid assembly or dismount as per drawings.
  2. Mostly panel thickness 100mm or 150mm.
  3. Assembly type cold room panel mainly use PURF and civil type warehouse cold room mainly use PUF as insulation material.
三、Refrigeration system choosing
  1. Cold storage room mainly use Freon system.
  2. Small cold room mainly use condensing unit, with hermetic Maneurope compressor or semi-hermetic Bitzer piston compressor . Low failure and power saving.
  3. Large cold room mainly use water cooling system. Compressor could be Piston parallel or screw parallel.
四、Reasonable configurations.
  1. Cold room configurations is very important for its working performance and Reliable aspect. Reasonable parts selection could satisfy temperature request, lock cooling capacity, meet storage process requirement, meanwhile could save a lot power, reduce the whole system failure rate and long-life.
  2. Precision calculate is necessary before design an cold room, supplier with rough calculate and recommend configurations may cause higher price but low performance, or price cheaper but cannot achieve expect performance and other unexpected troubles.
  3. Simply, Cold room invest should consider initial investment and running cost.

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