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Parallel compressor system benefit
Parallel compressor system include several compressor, based on constantly changing cooling capacity request, self-regulate compressors working efficient and amount, keep the entire system always high efficient work and reduce running cost. Nowadays, The process mostly done by PLC.
Main Features of Parallel compressor system:

1>Sensor detect cooling capacity request and feedback to PLC and show in screen, when meet cooling capacity request, you could shut off one or several compressors for power saving, meanwhile, the evaporative condenser fan and water pump also can close or start together with compressor.

2> When one compressor failure, not influence other compressors working. The entire system is very stable working.

3> System automatic calculate and balance each compressor (total)working time, Fuzzy control avoid some compressor frequency start/close, extend compressor life.

4> PLC system enable you monitor the equipment working condition in computer, very convenient.

5> Compressor system produced by Huayu Brother also install our global service device, after system install and connect internet, once your equipment have failure, the system will automatic pack and send data information to our China office, we will judge and send solution in earliest time. 

Customer Case: 
Parallel compressor unit with 9 screw compressor. For 11000 square meters clean room and refrigeration workshop use.

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