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Freeze dryer choose
Freeze drying, as one of the best drying method, There are series freeze dryer, their working principle is same but due to application in different area, so its material, treatment, temperature,vacuum etc. have a little different.

For example, Huayu Brother models:

FD-L models -Contact type

> Material trays put on shelves,direct heat exchange (cooling or heating).
> Mainly use for liquid products drying, such as pharmaceutical medicine, milk,fruit pulp etc. Also could use for sliced or cut fruit/vegetables etc.
> Material mostly come with SUS304, also could use for SUS316 as per request.

FD-L-TP models -Contact type-Vials sealing function

> Compare with FD-L models, TP series machine with one more function, stoppering system, capping the vials in vacuum.

FD-R models -Radiation type

> FD-R machine mainly use for food products drying.

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