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Freeze drying technology
Freeze drying, also called lyophilisation or liofilizacion, is a dehydration process that preserve materials.

Working principle:
Freeze drying works by freezing the material to its melt temperature, and then reduce its surround pressure, by this the solid phase water in raw material could direct sublimate to gas phase.

Generally, the water boiling point continue reduce when the pressure is reduce, when close to vacuum, it will evaporation.

Freeze dryer/lyophilizer process:
1, Freezing. 
Freezing the raw material to 10℃ lower than its melt temperature. 
in this period, need fast freezing technology to protect raw material flavor.

2, Primary drying.
This period most water have vapor and turn to ice and stay in condenser.

3, Secondary drying.
Absorbed water is hard to move during primary drying, so in secondary drying need higher temperature and lower vacuum.

After drying, the material is very light, water contain mostly <3%. With vacuum package and storage, could storage up to 5 years.

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