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Flake ice features
Flake ice also called Scale ice, is flat, thin pieces of ice (1-2 mm) mainly used in the commercial fishing and concrete cooling industries, typically in large quantities.

Made on a large vertical drums, flake ice is formed on inner surface of the drum by pouring water over it, then contact freezing it into a thin sheet of ice. This ice is sub-cooled down to -5°C in order to make it brittle, then cracked off by a harvesting blade. The ice then falls by gravity into the ice store. These large, flat pieces are good for layering, and are available with a single evaporator up to 50 tonnes.

The vertical style of drum is usually stationary, with the ice formed on the inner surface. The harvesting blade is motor driven around this surface, cracking it off. 

As the ice is made at -5°C, it can be stored in freezers below zero for prolonged storage. However, this means that the ice is cold enough to condense and freeze moisture from the air and also re-freeze its own melt-water, thus forming lumps if not used quickly during periods of storage at ambient temperature. It is best stored below zero, but in some applications such as fishing it can be stored at +2°C for moderate lengths of time without too many problems.

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