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How to reduce freeze drying cost
Freeze drying technology enable people taste dried fruit,food vegetables etc. as fresh after soaking in water when for travel,but freeze dried products also come with expensive prices,how to reduce the freeze drying cost make your products with competitive features in market?

Freeze dryer working, its refrigeration systems, vacuum systems and heating systems cost a lot electric.But it could be control while system working:

Heating system:  FD-20R and above models, suggest use steam heating, for example, FD-20R heating by electric need about 30kwh, but if you have steam generator, only divide one steam pipe into freeze dryer instead of electric heating could help you save a lot electric cost.

Refrigeration system and vacuum system: in secondary drying, raw material 80% water have sublimated to vapor and frozen in ice condenser coils, so there are very less water remain in raw material, water escape from raw material very slowly, thereforce, you could manual turn off one or more compressors and vacuum pumps.

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