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Compressor Units maintenance
Refrigeration equipment as commercial or industrial application, mostly is single exist without backup, so regular maintenance is very necessary to support its high-performance working and lasting long years.
Without maintenance, equipment maybe constantly breaks down or doesn’t perform to expectations.
Generally, for all refrigeration equipment, whether big or smaller, its compressor system, condensing system is the same principle, only the evaporating unit is different as per different application.
Compressor unit
1, Check compressor lubricate oil level. Should not be too high or too low. Keep oil level between the highest and lowest level. For parallel system that various compressors share suction and exhaust pipe, compressor oil levels maybe subtle different.
2, Check all refrigeration connections such as angle valves, if there is refrigeration leakage or abnormal circumstance.
3, Refrigerant level.
4, Check compressor electric parts, cables, control systems.
Nowadays, more and more commercial and industrial machines use PLC system, and in the system, could direct check each parts input and output condition, however, traditional method to check compressor and electric parts working such as force start the electric relay to start compressor still working.
5, Clean the refrigerant pipes, replace missing valve covers.

For Air cooling models
1, Need clean and wash the condenser coils/fins every 3 month or as per the environment condition. If more dust, need short the period.

2, Tight motor screws. And lubricate motors if need.

3, Check if the fan could rotary freely and blades in good condition. Remove the foreign objects.

For water cooling models
4, Check the water pressure tester if its normally working.

5, If use water cooling tower, regular change the water inside the system, dismount the water condenser and check if there are any solid products inside condenser and remove it. Mix detergent into water, cycle 1 or 2 hours and discharge the water from cooling system.

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