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Differences between FD-L and FD-L-TP
FD-L and FD-L-TP both come with contact type shelves, with the following technical details:
1> its Ice condenser design temperature <-75C
2> shelves temperature -50C to +70C(±1C)
3> vacuum degree <1Pa.
4> shelves flatness <0.5mm/m2
5> roughness Ra<0.4

Differences between FD-L and FD-L-TP:

1, FD-L-TP have one more function than FD-L : Automatic capping function(for vials)

FD-L-TP machine have stoppering system that can capping vials in vacuum condition

FD-L machine

2, For same model, FD-L-TP shelves area is smaller than FD-L.

For example, FD-1L shelves area about 1 square meters, and FD-1L-TP shelves area about 0.7 square meters.

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