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Ice Machine choose
There are various type ice machine available, such as ice flake machine,ice cube machine,ice block machine,ice tube machine,plate ice machine etc.

Each type ice with different physical characters, temperatures that fit different area.

To reduce your ice production cost and use the right ice to achieve best performance, here are some suggestions:

Flake ice

Features: Low temperature about -5C around, thickness 1.5mm, 10 to 40mm irregular shape.
if mix into other substance, it can rapid melt and take away lots of heat in short period.  
if collect together for decorate or cooling meat, fish etc. it can last longer time.
for different application area, the flake ice machine could choose carbon steel, stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316 to meet sanitary grade.

Cube ice

Mostly use for beverage drinking,wines
Based on ice forming way, cube ice machine have 2 type, one is by water spraying, the ice come with hard,high density, very suit for wines.  Another way by water flowing, this type ice mainly for shops, beverage add.

Cube ice also could use for decorating, after crush it also have more use area.

Tube ice

Tube ice is similar with cube ice, use for drinking and beverage.

Block ice

When products like vegetables,meat etc. need long distance transport and need cooling,block ice is the idea for the commission.

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