Introduction of freeze drying technology:
Freeze-dried products possess superior quality compare with other dehydration method.The high quality is due to the freeze-drying process without liquid phase (solid phase direct vapor to gas phase), as well as the low temperature of the process. So, freeze-drying minimizing thermal damage to heat-sensitive nutrients and preserves flavor, color as well as products original texture.

Freeze-drying technology could apply to most area like food, pharmaceutical etc. Freeze-dried products are typically crisper, light weight, high rehydration ratio, and a longer shelf life in room temperature.
Freeze drying Benefit:
1, Frozen material dried below -18℃, ensure that water in product removed as vapor, products structure well preserved, as well as flavor, color.

2, Low temperature drying method, could keep products physicochemical properties and biological activity etc.

3, Loose structure enable dried products could quick rehydrate when need.
Huayu Brother freeze dryers:
Huayu Brother® have been focus on freeze dryer tens years, we scientific design several series freeze dryer that could meet any of your demand. which include:
Pilot  freeze dryer (BFD series):
Model     BFD-50P BFD-100P BFD-200P
Shelves area     0.69㎡ 1.04㎡ 2.25㎡
Ice capacity     7kgs 10kgs 25kgs
Shelves     4+1 6+1 5+1
Shelf temp. -50C ~ +70C
Vials capacity
    Ф22mm 1050pcs Ф22mm 2400pcs /
Ice condenser temp. <-75C
Vacuum     <1Pa <1Pa <1Pa
Power install     5.5kwh 7.5kwh 13.5kwh
Size     1000*785*1420mm 1170*830*1665mm 1200*2100*1700mm
The size may change if the machine will fit GMP room.
 Food freeze dryer (FD-R series):
  FD-5R FD-10R FD-20R FD-50R FD-120R FD-200R
Shelves area 5.2㎡ 10.8㎡ 20.8㎡ 50.8㎡ 117.8㎡ 206㎡
Ice capacity 65kgs 120kgs 250kgs 700kgs 1500kgs 2050kgs
Shelves 12+1 12+1 13+1 17+1 17+1 17+1
Shelf size
680*770 1300*770 630*1400 570*2850 630*5850 630*10200
Shelf temp. RT ~ +120C RT ~+120C
Ice condenser temp. <-55C
Vacuum <15Pa <15Pa <15Pa <15Pa <15Pa <15Pa
Power install 25kwh 35kwh 65kwh 125kwh 235kwh 330kwh
 Pharmaceutical lyophilizer (FD-L series):
  FD-1L FD-2L FD-3L FD-5L FD-10L FD-20L
Shelves area 1.15㎡ 2.16㎡ 3.24㎡ 5.25㎡ 10.8㎡ 20.2㎡
Ice capacity 20kgs 40kgs 60kgs 100kgs 200kgs 300kgs
Shelves 4+1 4+1 6+1 7+1 9+1 11+1
Shelf size (mm) 480*600 600*900 600*900 750*1000 1000*1200 1200*1500
Vials Capacity
Ф22mm 2400pcs Ф22mm 3600pcs Ф22mm 5300pcs Ф22mm 12700pcs Ф22mm 23700pcs /
Ice condenser temp. <-75C
Vacuum <1Pa <1Pa <1Pa <1Pa <1Pa <1Pa
Power install 7.5kwh 9.5kwh 15.5kwh 25kwh 35kwh 60kwh
Size 2500*1100*
  The size may change according to our final confirmation(design).  

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