WSD-15 IQF Tunnel freezer Machine
Capacity: 1500kgs/hour
Freezing time: 20-60Min adjustable.
Final temperature:-18℃ ±2℃
Size: 19000*4800*2700mm
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The product description
IQF, is a kind freezing machine that rapid frozen products central temperature to -18℃, to shorten ice crystal forming period, avoid uncertain physical/chemical/microorganism change, reduce cell broken rate, maximum keep products flavor and nutrition.
Quick freezing equipment include quick freezing tunnel and quick freezing room, is very important equipment for quick frozen food industry and seafood processing factory.
Product parameters
Model WSD-15
Capacity 1500kg/hr
Freezing time 20-60min adjustable
Tunnel temperature -35℃
Material feed temperature <+20℃
Material output temperature <-18℃
System power install 30kwh
Cooling capacity request 240kw
Tunnel evaporation area 2100㎡
Freezing belt size 17000*3910mm
Freezing tunnel size L/19000*W/4800*H/2700mm
Weight 14tons

Using range
Multi use for all kinds of fruit,food,vegetables,bread etc.
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