LD2-15 Spiral IQF freezer
Capacity: 1500kgs/hour
Freezing time: 20-60Min adjustable.
Final temperature:-18℃ ±2℃
Size: 13800*5400*3670mm
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The product description
IQF, is a kind freezing machine that rapid frozen products central temperature to -18℃, to shorten ice crystal forming period, avoid uncertain physical/chemical/microorganism change, reduce cell broken rate, maximum keep products flavor and nutrition.
Quick freezing equipment include quick freezing tunnel and quick freezing room, is very important equipment for quick frozen food industry and seafood processing factory.
Huayu Brother quick freezing equipment.
Huayu Brother provide belt type freezing tunnel, spiral IQF, fluidized freezer and quick freezing room, that combine the following systems:
● Refrigeration system:
Screw compressor system is recommend for quick freezing equipment due to large cooling capacity request,  Meanwhile, Huayu Brother provide different compressor system such as Bitzer,Hanbell,Fusheng,Refcomp etc.
Huayu Brother engineer team will make solutions as per your special request or recommend the suitable configurations based on power saving, COP,cooling capacity etc.
● Condenser system:
Evaporative condenser will be use for the cooling system, high reliability and large heat exhaust.
● Freezing room:
Whatever freezing tunnel or spiral type freezer, its structure of flexible stainless steel belt carry the substance that drive by variable speed motor continue moving in freezing room and heat exchange with the cold air that generated by refrigeration system.
Huayu Brother scientific design the freezing room structure that Maximum utilize the cooling capacity, and consider different products freezing request to design the belt size and load capacity.
● Control system:
PLC system+touch screen controller, full automatic working with failure alarm.
In system, you could control the whole system running, such as set freezing time, Machine running status, temperatures setting and temperature in the freezing room , defrosting, alarm etc.. 
Product parameters
Model LD2-15
Capacity 1500kg/hr
Freezing time 20-60min adjustable
Tunnel temperature -35℃
Material feed temperature <+20℃
Material output temperature <-18℃
System power install 38kwh
Cooling capacity request 240kw
Tunnel evaporation area 2100㎡
Belt length(for material feed) 1600mm
Belt length(for material output) 1600mm or 1000mm
Freezing tunnel size L/13800*W/5400*H/3670mm
Weight 18tons

Using range
Could use for most products quick freezing, food,vegetables,meals,seafood,meat etc.
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