IB40 40kgs ice cube maker machine
Capacity: 40kgs/24hrs
Ice storage: 15kgs
Power install: 420w
Ice type: 32mm Gourmet ice, hard, clear, sanitary, long lasting.

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The product description
Ice cube is the most popular ice around world, it's hard, clear, shine appearance, have a wide application:
For Edible, you will get amazing taste after drop several ice cubes in your beverage,
After crush, also can use for bakery, fruit/vegetables/meat cooling.
For decoration. in catering, the ice cube could cooling and decorate dishes.
Huayu Brother ice cube machine carefully design with the following system.
Ice making system:
Huayu Brother ice cube machine use copper ice making tray, high heat exchange efficient and long lifespan that have verified, also we provide 5 years warranty.
Refrigeration system:
Only famous brand parts will use in our ice cube maker, optimized configurations and well debug, a strong guarantee of system reliability and stability.
R404a or R134a based refrigerant, Eco-friendly and easy find in your local market.
Ice storage system:
For smaller model 20kg to 100kg is self-contained, that the entire ice machine with stainless steel exterior and polyurethane foaming ice storage, ice cubes storage in box can keep 24hours.
Control system:
The ice cube maker adopts intelligent IC board control, all process is full automatic, continue ice making and storage in ice bin, ice bin full, machine will stop working.
Product parameters
Name Spec.
Ice Capacity 40kgs/24h
Ice Storage 15kgs
Power Install 420w
Size 500*580*950mm
Weight 55kgs
Cooling way Air
Refrigerant R134a
Ice size 32*32*32mm

Using range
Widely use in small restaurant, shops, home etc.
The ice cubes could use for beverage area, beer, wines.
Also could for decorate. Meat, fruit, vegetables cooling.
After crush it also could use for bakery. Dough cooling.
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