BFD-100P Vacuum Freeze Dryer
Shelves area: 1.04㎡
Ice Capacity: 10kgs
Power Install: 7.5kw/h
Install size: L/1170mm*W/830mm*H/1665mm
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The product description
BFD-100P is popular model use for small pilot production, it come with 0.69 square meters’ shelves area, 6 plates, Ice capacity around 10kgs, also could use for lab research. 
With shelves temperature -50C to +70C, ice condenser temperature -75C and vacuum <1Pa, it is qualified for most material drying.
Key Features
1, Material: 
Standard material AISI304 for shelves, material trays, drying chamber, ice condenser and body. Also we could use AISI316 according your request or application require.
2, Parameters: 
Adopt compound refrigeration system that ice condenser lowest temperature could reach -75 Celsius degree, shelves heat exchange medium use silicone oil, temperature flexible change between -50 Celsius degree to +70 Celsius degree as per recipes setting. System final vacuum <1Pa.
3, Structure designing
Split drying house and ice condenser design avoid material pollution.
Ice condenser could flexible put in front or side, according your room layout.
Machine equip inert gas connector, after drying could charge clean gas in side the chamber to extend dried material expiration date.
4, Controller:
Adopt PLC + Touch screen controller. 
According to your preference, machine can automatic working as per the recipes you pre-set, or manual working.
You could flexible input, storage, modify and export recipes, history curve, drying data etc. Also the system could real-time display machine each part working status, vacuum degree, real-time curve, working data etc.
Product parameters
Item Spec.
Model BFD-100P
Available freeze drying area About 1.04㎡( 1.04 square meters)
Freeze drying process In situ
Material loading/harvest By hand
Freeze drying area
Shelves: Shelves quantity: 6 layers
Shelves size: 360mm*480mm
Shelves temperature: -50℃ to +70℃  (±1℃)
Material tray: Each layer material tray quantity:  1pcs
Material trays total quantity: 6pcs (6layers*1pcs/layer)
Material trays size : 360*480mm *20mm(height)
Ice capacity: > 10kg/24hrs
Material pre-treatment No need
Machine vacuum degree ≤ 1Pa
Power install 7.5kwh
Install size L/1170*W/830*H/1665mm
Voltage 220V/60Hz/3P or 380V/50Hz/3p
Operate weight About 800kgs
Working noise <70db
Machine design standard HACCP,GB
Main material AISI304 or AISI316L optional
Controller system * Can choose Automatic control (PLC system built in) or manual control
* Touch screen control.
* PID control, MAX can storage 32 freeze drying recipes, each recipes can set 36 segments.
*Simulation industrial type lyophilizer, machine each parts working status/real-time temperature display/failure alarm etc. all show in screen.
Protection device Every part have individual protection sensor that connect PLC, once parts failure machine will automatic shut off and sound/light warning to workers, meanwhile failure part will show on screen.

Using range
All BFD series freeze dryer come with contact type structure, could use for most material drying purpose,

such as liquid (such as fruit/vegetable pulp, solvent, drugs, biological products, animal venom, extract products etc. ),

sliced solid products(such as sliced or cubed fruit, vegetables, herbs, valuable medicinal products etc.), and many other products.

As well, BFD machine could flexible choose accessories like flask holder, stoppering system etc. to achieve products drying in container.
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