All Huayu Brother products provide 1 year warranty.

Once an problem occur, contact Huayu Brother as soon as possible, send detail picture or description of the problem for our judge the failure point and give solutions.

If you invest our Global-Remote-Control-System, As soon the equipment failure and stop working, the machine controller system will automatic send data packages to our server in China, our engineer will judge the failure and send proper solutions to you.

Once find the failure point,  
If its wearing parts damage.

1, we will prepare spare parts, replacement steps or videos, and express to you. 
Mostly, we have already prepare some spare parts when the machine send to you that enable you maintenance for twice or more, but still some uncertain part broken that you cannot find parts in our packages, we will express to you.
2, You could find spare parts in your local market.
Fast solve problem and reduce your lose. We recommend you find in your local market,We will tell you the broken parts model and its specification. (consider worldwide clients, our machine >85% parts use international standard, you can easy find in your local market).

For problems that we confirm need our engineers service

if in warranty, we will send engineer to your factory, if beyond service, you need charge the cost.


For trouble shooting, Huayu Brother will send picture or video etc. help you replace the wearing parts, or you can ask your local professional company to fix the problem.
All Huayu Brother machines provide 1 years warranty, in the period all spare parts send and express is for free.
Beyond warranty, spare parts send to you with our factory prices and express fee will cover by yourself.
All human and natural disaster caused damage is not include in the warranty.

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