Worker training
Its necessary give professional class to workers, as they are in front line, operate machine everyday, In cause worker injure by wrong operation, or there is an abnormal happen, they will notice at first time.Handle emergency correctly, minimize your lose.

Some experience worker could timely find problems before machine warning and stop, save some parts.

So worker training is helpful to reduce your production cost, extend machine life, keep equipment high performance and reliable working. Once there is an problem happen, could rapid fix it and restart the system.

Huayu Brother engineers will give class include but not limited to the following:
1, In the system, dangerous area, and warning.
2, Machine operate,caution and working principle.
3,  Routine maintenance, monthly maintenance etc.
4, Wearing parts replacement period, wearing parts damage judgement.
5, Lubricate oil, coolant pipe angel valve clean and check.
6, Machine warning, the failure judgement or deduction diagnose find problem.
7, Other questions you mentioned.

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