Debug services
After machine well installed, Huayu Brother engineers will be carefully debug machines to check the machine running condition and make remediation achieve the best performance.

Which include:

Trial running(empty load) check parts working and system performance.
This period will take 8 to 12 hours, our engineer will give all-round inspection after machine install, include parts working condition, system noise, performance, if there is abnormal happen etc.
In this period, maybe interrupt working, that engineer need update setting as per actual running result.

Pilot running(empty load) check system stability.
This will take 48hrs to 60hrs that a long lasting time to check machine working stability, prepare for load working.
In this period, machine will be continue running until there is failure.

Production running.
Trial running with your material to check machine efficient.
Trial running. Half-load running for 1 batch.
Trial running. Full-load running for 1 batch.

In debug period, our engineer all time will stay with machine.

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